Back to school? Some children might return to school earlier than others

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

A few days after the announcement that school ought to stay closed until further notice - which generated a lot of criticism from parents who were hoping for kids to go back to school as soon as possible and not start another excruciating term with only Zoom lessons home-schooling and no social interaction (but still having to pay high school fees) - the government today announced the possibility for students starting primary one for those going to classes where kids are supposed to take an exam at the end of year to start school

. But more measures are being evaluated in order for this to happen, including testing all children for Covid-19, to make sure that children who are attending school are virus-free. For many this is extremely good news, but like any measure taken during these unusual times it comes with doubts and questions from parents. Some would like to see the test done at home in order to avoid using huge rooms like those at the airport and potentially coming into contact with virus carriers.

Others point out that even if children don’t have the virus on the first day of school they could catch it outside school at any moment. Others think that everyone should be tested, not only children, and some are mistrustful of using this as a pretext for collect everyone’s DNA.

City Trail expats guides Finally the parents of children who don’t fall in the categories above want their children to start school, too. Although it’s true that kids and adults can catch the virus at any time, it’s good to remember that in more than three weeks of school in June almost no Covid-19 cases were reported in school and that, providing numbers are low, good preventive measures could allow children to start having a normal life again.

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