Hong Kong: a summer without beaches?

Just over a week ago, on 13 July, Hong Kong Government announced sudden social distances measures to fight the new Covid-19 wave.

The virus came back sneakily and suddenly, after almost a month of no local cases, just when everyone in Hong Kong started to have a normal life again.

Among the measures there were the re-closures of schools, sport facilities, museums, cultural venues and barbecue pitches - as well as once more limiting the maximum number of people gathering together to four.

While parks remain open, the government also announced the closure of beaches, which left many puzzled (since it wasn’t clear if this meant that people weren’t allowed to be on the beach or simply that the beach facilities - life guards, kiosks, first aid point, showers and changing rooms - would be closed).

In the last 10 days, beaches were crowded as usual in summer and police seemed to fine only groups of more than four people.

Today, after extending the anti-Covid measures for another week, the government is actually putting barriers at beaches to forbid the entrance.

Trio beach - Sai Kung

We are passing from the safest place to be during the coronavirus to the region with a per-capita rate of infection that is higher than the UK.

Let’s just hope that those extra measures, in a country where personal living space is very limited, will soon have the desired effect.

The reopening of schools, some of which were supposed to start the new term on 10 August, has already been postponed until at least 17 August - and parents are starting to worry that the next school year will be as bad as the one that has just passed, where crazy fees are paid with very little live lessons given.

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