Hong Kong Museum of Space

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Reopened less than one year ago, after three years of closure, the Hong Kong Museum of Space is a great place to escape the heat of the summer doing something constructive and fun with your children, or even without them, why not?

The renovations changed 40% of the existing museum making it much more interactive.

Located on two floors, it explains about planets, the solar system and the life of astronauts.

Visitors can experience the disorientation in Space by entering an upside down virtual space, tests their ability to maneuver between celestial bodies with a surfboard simulator, enter a time machine to learn about the different eras and learn about "The Big Bang" and the evolution of the Universe.

To enter, advance online booking is required but if you are a Museum Pass holder you don’t need to book.

A family museum card costs only 100 HKD per year for up to four people of the same family and allows you to enter unlimited times to this and all the other LSCD museums in Hong Kong.

The museum is equipped with an "iM Guide" - a museum mobile multimedia guide platform - that allows visitors to deepen their understanding on exhibits through audio, text, and multimedia contents.

Our tips:

✔ Get early to avoid the crowd

✔ Get a #museumpass to skip the queue, it's very good value

✔ If you can go during the week, otherwise Saturday morning

Opening days and times:

Monday, Wednesday to Friday

12:00 noon - 8:45 pm

Tuesday (except public holidays)


Saturday, Sunday and public holidays

10:00 am - 8:45 pm

First two days of the Chinese New Year


Museum webpage: https://www.lcsd.gov.hk/CE/Museum/Space/en_US/web/spm/whatsnew.html

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