List of Hong Kong hotels where guests can quarantine during Covid-19

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

Only a limited number of hotels in Hong Kong are geared up to accept guests who are quarantining during Covid-19. Most of them offer a package for the 14 days that those coming from overseas are required to spend in self-isolation.

Only a limited number offer breakfast or meals but most of them allow food delivery.

Most of them offer free wifi. Some only allow one person per room. Prices vary from HK$3,900 to HK$20,000 for the full 14 days. These hotels are located all around Hong Kong.

Check out the full list of hotels here. In the list you will get the name, the address, the name of the neighbourhood and other useful information about the hotel.

Always double-check with the hotel their quarantine, food delivery, and accommodation policies; and get written confirmation from them as things may change.

You should make sure the hotel you want to book is on this list of government licensed hotels and guesthouses because only hotels registered with the Hong Kong government are allowed to be used as quarantine hotels. No rented ad hoc apartments or airbnb (but you can quarantine at your Hong Kong home if you have one).

In Hong Kong the main food delivery apps are:


Food Panda

Uber eats

Most of supermarkets or food suppliers deliver to your door but you must specify you are under quarantine, food is paid in advance and left outside your door or at the reception. The problem is that due to the minimum order (500-800 HKD), it’s only suitable for those who do quarantine at home and have enough space to store it (and of course the possibility of cooking it). Plus supermarket delivery is very slow compared to many other countries and it can take from a few days to a week.

Hong Kongers have created a wonderful quarantine support group. They provide info and support and most importantly a service done by volunteers that will help you with grocery shopping while you are under quarantine. The group is called HK Quarantine support group.

[Left: quarantine support shopping]

Find out about the regulations when entering Hong Kong here.

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