New regulations from July 29 for entering Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been closed down to tourist for some time now. Only people who are Hong Kong residents (i.e. ID holders) or who have a valid working visa that is yet to be activated are allowed to enter (though a very few exceptions to this do still exist).

But if you do belong to one of the above categories, do you know what will happen when you land in Hong Kong and how you should prepare?

At the moment all the steps are the same unless you come from one of those countries: Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines South Africa and the United States (read here what to do if you are from one of those countries).

If you aren’t coming from the countries above (or haven’t visited them in the 14 days prior to your landing in Hong Kong read here).

When you land in Hong Kong you will be subject to a Covid-19 test. If you are negative you will usually be allowed to quarantine at your Hong Kong home (if you have one) or in a hotel (if you don’t or choose not to). However if you come from Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines or South Africa , a quarantine in a quarantine hotel is compulsory.

If you are tested positive for Covid-19 you will be obliged to go to a government facility for at least 14 days.

Can/should you live in a shared flat?

Unless you test positive, you are allowed to do the quarantine in your own home. However this can prove tricky if you have a family or live with others. The recommendation is to spend

the time alone in your room and sharing common facilities as little as possible. Most offices also have in place a system where you are obliged to declare if someone who is living under the same roof as someone under quarantine - and if so that employee may then be obliged to work from home or not work at all (depending on the job and the contract). So it would be better, if possible, to do a quarantine alone.

If you need or want to do a quarantine in a hotel you should know that not all hotels accept guests that are under quarantine and not all places are allowed by the government to be used as quarantine places.

You should make sure the hotel you want to book is on this list of government licensed hotels and guesthouses.

And call the hotel to check about their quarantine, delivery, and accommodation policiess; and get written confirmation from them as things may change.

If you are an Hong Kong resident with a Hong Kong ID you don’t need a lease or anything as proof of your residence address (if it is the place where you will do the quarantine); a self declaration is enough. But be aware that your bracelet and your phone with GPS will be connected, and that you are obliged to stay on the premises you declared.

When you arrive to Hong Kong:

You will be tested as soon as you land and will have to wait there for a number of hours for the results.

If your results are positive to Covid-19 test you will be sent to quarantine at the government facilities.

If your results are negative you will be given an electronic bracelet connected to your smartphone and a government app, where they will set the address where you will be quarantine.

To know all there is to know about how it works when arriving in Hong Kong and how to prepare for it, read this article.

Check list before departing from your country:

- Download Stay Home Safe app

- Fill up the self declaration to safe time at the airport in Hong Kong

- Bring flight masks for the flight (compulsory), hand sanitizers, wipes and if you can a face shield

For people coming from the US

From July 29, travelers departing from the United States or those that have visited the United States in the past 14-days must present a negative Covid-19 nucleic acid test taken no more than 72 hours prior to boarding the flight. Travelers are also required to have a hotel reservation in Hong Kong for a 14-day quarantine.

For people coming from Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines South Africa

1. A letter or certificate issued by a laboratory or healthcare institution stating:

  • name

  • passport number or Hong Kong ID card number

  • that they have undergone a nucleic acid test for Covid-19 and that the result of that test was negative

  • that the test was performed within 72 hours of the scheduled departure time of the flight to Hong Kong

  • please note that this letter or certificate must be written in either English or Chinese.

2. The original test report document from the laboratory or health care institution that conducted the nucleic acid test.

3. A letter issued by the relevant authority of the government of the place in which the laboratory or health-care institution is located. This letter must certify that the laboratory or health care institution is recognised or approved by the government. This letter must be written in English or Chinese.

4. A confirmation of a hotel room reservation in Hong Kong for no less than 14 days starting on the day of your arrival in Hong Kong. This confirmation can be either printed or shown in a digital format and must be written in English or Chinese. Please note that this is required for all passengers coming from these seven countries – passengers that have a home or residential address in Hong Kong will also be required to undergo 14 days of quarantine at a hotel.

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